Videum unveiling at Health 2.0 Europe 2011 – Berlin (Germany)

In the dedicated deep dive session Videum has been unveiled.

It has been a great success: more than 100 visits during the conference!

Online videos are one of the main drivers of the digital revolution. They have made and broken superstars. They have installed presidents and overturned governments.

In fact, since YouTube appeared on the scene, the consumption behaviour around new media has changed the world forever.

Now Publicis Healthware International and dotSUB are joining forces to drive the online video revolution into the healthcare industries: Videum.com will be doing something that has never before been done – enabling healthcare videos produced in any language, by Pharma, hospitals, doctors or patients, to be viewable and understandable in any of the world’s languages, on any video enabled device or platform, including tablets and mobile devices.

For the first time, cutting edge drugs, procedures, educational information, and patient care, which is more and more communicated using video from 3D to user video, will be available in scores of languages, regardless of the language of the source video.

Click here to view the Deep Dive Session Presentation

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