Thyroid: protect its functionality, especially during pregnancy

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World Thyroid Day (25th of May) was established in 2008, as part of a joint campaign between the European Thyroid Association and the American Thyroid Association to promote the disease awareness and to focus on the need for education and prevention programs.

One out of five Italian has thyroid problems (goiter affects six million people, about 10% of the population); hypothyroidism, characterized by decreased production of thyroid hormones, in mild form affects 10% of the Italians, causes fatigue and attention deficit and has a great impact on the social and professional life.

Experts remind that especially during pregnancy is essential to ensure the right amount of iodine, in fact, an almost doubled dose of iodine (250-300 micrograms daily) is required because the fetus uses a portion of the iodine taken by the mother. Ensuring the right amount of iodine is, therefore, essential for proper nervous and intellectual development of the child.

Where we can find the iodine? Fish, shellfish, milk contain great amounts of iodine, on the contrary fruits and vegetables are deficient. Experts remind that the addition of iodine in the daily diet is not enough to cover the daily requirements and then it is better to take iodized salt.


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