Survey: what Italian HCPs think about Professional Updates through videos

Among the 21 VIDEUM Channels, one of the most viewed and visited is the one sponsored by paginemediche.it, a leading Italian health portal.

The Paginemediche.it Editorial Board promoted their channel in different ways and to analyse the response they sent out a survey, last month, to Italian health care professionals (HCPs) regarding training and continuing education using video content.

The survey found that for physicians, online video is one of the highest rated formats for ongoing training and teaching new skills. However, a major problem remains in that many high quality healthcare related videos are not available in their native language.


VIDEUM Health in Any Language is the solution.

The Videum platform allows health care professionals, as well as patients, to employ high quality videos subtitled in multiple languages.


More than 60% of responders thought the services offered by VIDEUM would benefit them in keeping up with ever evolving technology and research, earning certifications, and for learning new techniques required by their professions.


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