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Driven by digital evolution and changes in public health care systems, patients all over the world are increasingly becoming more empowered. Empowered to take on an active role and make smart choices in managing their health care, hence the increasing importance of patient education.

Providing clear and easy-to-understand materials is key in this area, and what better way to illustrate complex medical conditions or procedures than through the use of good videos and 3D medical animations?

One of the top companies in the medical illustration field is Blausen, the world’s largest award-winning 3D med-science animation library.

I recently tweeted about an interview that MedGadget conducted with its CEO, Bruce Blausen, where the latter spoke about their new offering, the Human Atlas web 4.0.

Basically what it does is allow you to add over 300 of Blausen’s high quality 3D medical and scientific animations of common conditions and treatments instantly to your website. The player, which can be custom-branded, can be turned on or off within the website to help patients better understand their EMR. This way, users can easily access relevant rich media content without having to perform tedious searches or plough through entire sections of a website to locate it. Blausen’s new-and-improved Human Atlas 4.0 has APIs and the instant-link feature which allows the animation to be directly embedded to content or as a layer. This allows for effortless integration of relevant content to meet the rising demand of a customized experience for both patients and HCPs alike. This is in line with their vision of global education – to be the first place users go to search for a medical or scientific term, or “the medical Google maps of the future“, as Blausen puts it.

There is a plethora of good medical illustrators out there but Blausen’s winning formula really is in their ability to effectively transmit complex medical information via animations. They focus on the basics – show the normal state, then the abnormal (or the condition), and finally how the solution leads back to normality. By putting the patient perspective into the equation, no doubt this has led to their publicly acclaimed and award-winning animations.

Blausen does not think of others in the same field as competition, but rather believes in the sharing and integration of offerings with others so as to help companies improve their products.

This is very much in line with our modus operandi, and something we at Razorfish Healthware embrace as part of our growth strategy, i.e. spreading digital thought leadership and striking up strategic alliances with both well-established leaders in the field as well as next-generation tech start-ups.

In doing so, we have been and are creating new opportunities fuelled by innovation for both our clients and partners. In fact, we are currently working with Blausen to strike up an exciting partnership and add another layer of value to our offerings. All will be revealed soon, so watch this space!

The Human Atlas – the world’s largest 3D Medical & Scientific Animation library – is now available on!

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