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Interview with Ulrike Anders

Ulrike Anders on digital health startups in Berlin

An interview with Ulrike Anders, Director Participatory Health at IXDS, Germany’s leading service design studio, where she helps to design...

Interview with Josep Carbo

Josep Carbò on the digital transformation of health insurance companies

An interview with Josep Carbó, Global Business Development Lead and Partner at MEDIKTOR. MEDIKTOR is an advanced digital & mobile...

NHS prescribing apps

NHS to start prescribing health apps that help manage conditions

The future of healthcare could be in your pocket. Two new medical apps that help people monitor their health at...

Interview with Pasquale Fedele

Pasquale Fedele discusses how technology can improve patients’ quality of life and his vision for future health

An interview with Pasquale Fedele, CEO at Liquidweb | Braincontrol. Liquidweb is a start-up company focusing on life science and...

Interview with Jovan Stevovic

Jovan Stevovic discusses data security, legal and privacy issues in healthcare marketing

An interview with Jovan Stevovic, Co-Founder and CEO at Chino is the Health Data Security Platform for EU Devs...