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Interview with Henrik Matthies

Henrik Matthies on what can be done to help ignite their solution in Europe

An interview with Henrik Matthies, Managing Director at Mimi. Mimi Hearing Technologies builds smartphone-based tools for people to hear better....

Is my baby teething?

Is my baby teething?

Discover in this post – an abstract of an article originally published at – what are the baby teething...

Interview with Alessio Ascari

Alessio Ascari on how Amicomed can help transform healthcare

An interview with Alessio Ascari, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at AMICOMED. Amicomed is the first and only certified service to...

Interview with Steve Seuntjens

Steve Seuntjens on the digital health investment community and its trends

An interview with Steve Seuntjens, Partner at PHS (Personal Health Solutions). PHS (Personal Health Solutions) is a venture firm investing...

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

Abstract of an article originally published at Dental hygienists want us all to commit to a good daily oral...