The experience of BC Renal Agency with Videum

Read how BCPRA reached their multi-language audience providing education on chronic kidney diseases through Videum.

The BC provincial Renal Agency (BCPRA) plans and monitors the delivery of province-wide kidney care services in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

BCPRA spontaneously registered on Videum and created their profile. They uploaded 4 videos,transcribed in original languages, translated in 9 languages, using also the automated translation tool for some less common languages.

“Our experience with Videum has been extremely positive so far” – says Stacey Richardson, Strategic Organizational Development & Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator at BCPRA – “With this tool we can translate our educational videos to effectively reach people who are most at-risk for developing chronic kidney disease, or those who already have it–in our case, this includes a large portion of Indo-Canadians and Asian-Canadians amongst others. The process to upload and translate a video is simple and we can easily share our videos through social media with our own market, and to a larger worldwide audience. We look forward to uploading more of our videos to Videum and sharing information about chronic kidney disease and dialysis options with patients, health care providers and the general public.”

BCPRA will embed their language-enabled videos on their website, that is currently under a redesign process. We will keep you updated on the developments!

See BC Renal Agency profile and videos:BCRenal_int

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