Frontiers Health 2017: book your seats!

Europe’s premier health innovation event is coming soon!

Book your seats for Frontiers Health 2017

Someone is not going on vacation.. yet.
The Frontiers Health team is working at full speed on the preparation of the 2017 conference: new featured speakers, an exciting program to create memorable experiences for all attendees and much more. Stay tuned!

The early bird tickets sale is open – hurry! The seats are limited to 30!

Book your seat using our discount code: FH17VIDEUM

Just a foretaste of the Frontiers Health event that will take place in Berlin, November 16-17.
E=mc^2 aka Endgame equals MusicMedicine × Convergence squared“: this is the title of the first announced talk by Klaus Laczika, Doctorate at Medical University, Vienna and Music Theory/Conducting at University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, and Walter Werzowa, M.A., Founder & CCO at MusikVergnuegen, Founder at HealthTunes™.

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