Interview with Jovan Stevovic

Jovan Stevovic discusses data security, legal and privacy issues in healthcare marketing

An interview with Jovan Stevovic, Co-Founder and CEO at chino.io. Chino is the Health Data Security Platform for EU Devs...



New Feature on VIDEUM: as easy as cutting & pasting! Spreading healthcare knowledge A video is not available in your...


Top tips for breastfeeding

We hope you’ve decided to at least try breastfeeding. Even if you only nurse your baby for a few days...


Our Book: #lottaesorridi #fight&smile #fightthestroke

We wrote a book because we still had something to share. And to be grateful of.


Videum Media Partner of V° National Conference AIPP

Videum Health will support as Media Partner the V° National Conference AIPP, that will bring together leading international researchers from...