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thyroid disorders in children

Disease Spotlight: Thyroid Disorders in Children

Thyroid disorders in children are not common, compared with adults. Let’s see how to spot it and know the signs....

Interview with Klaus Stoeckemann

Klaus Stoeckemann about the digital health investment community in Berlin

An interview with Klaus Stoeckemann, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Peppermint VenturePartners. PVP focuses on investments in medical device and...

Interview with Florian Reanud

Florian Reinaud suggests what can be done by later stage companies to help fill the pipeline

An interview with Florian Reinaud, Co-founder and CEO at Concilio, a medical concierge service that guarantees and prepares you for...

Interview with Jorg Land

Jörg Land discusses the reimbursement community for startups

An interview with Jörg Land, Founder and Managing Director at Sonormed GmbH, a Hamburg-based medical technology company specializing in digital...

Interview with Rogier Keemink

Rogier Keemink on the importance of data in digital health solutions

An interview with Rogier Keemink, Technical Product Manager at dacadoo ag. The dacadoo Health Score & Lifestyle Navigation Platform provides...