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#GainingWeightIsCool: the new trend on Twitter

A social media post sparked women to share photos of their weight gain transformations with the hashtag, many of whom had...

5 facts to know about shingles

Disease spotlight: shingles and 5 facts you need to know

Extract from an article originally published at Maintain your good health as you get older by becoming informed about one...

Call4Brain 2016

TEDMED LIVE 2016: scienza, medicina, innovazione da più punti di vista

Una selezione di Talk del TEDMED USA in anteprima esclusiva ma anche formazione, divertimento e confronto aperto Milano, 22 dicembre 2016...


Special Feature: Ad-Ventures in Marketing IX

For the ninth year, Med Ad News has chosen new Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch that could change the way pharmaceutical products...

Call4Brain 2016

TEDMED at #Call4Brain: What if…?

For the third year, Fightthestroke will bring TEDMED to Milan. In 2014, they projected in simulcast 12 TEDMED talks, in...